02 November 2013

The Updated Classroom

The way the classroom was at the beginning worked well, but I really am loving this setup!
Remember, it's all about how you use your space! My room really isn't big at all, I just use it right!

view from the door

 the back wall with some posters on it

the cubbies with our character pumpkin projects & monster writing

the front of the classroom with the smartboard before mounting

the front part of the classroom where a laptop will be, and my computer is

another view of the back

 a view of the back and side where my desk is

view of the other side of the classroom

27 October 2013

2013 - 2014 Classroom

My 2013-2014 Classroom
It has changed a little since then, I will post more pictures soon
so you can see the changes!

view from the door, walking in

part of my area, with the computer

behind my desk, normally there is a vent there so it's unusable space

these were the teams in their standings at that point

view from the back of the room

view of the windows, library, & my desk

a different view from the door.

the front, including homeworkopoly

view of the back of the classroom.
(it wasn't complete at this point)

one last view of the back of the classroom.

Sometimes Life Hits You in the Face

My goal for the past year, has been to get back to blogging.

I really do love sharing ideas about what is happening in my classroom, which has changed so much.

The past year, year and a half really, has been the craziest whirlwind ever. So many things have happened and I'm definitely no where near I would have ever expected, because of both good and not so good reasons. Needless to say I'm here, and I'm hoping maybe I still have a few people out there who are interested in seeing what's going on in my classroom.

I"m managing a half honors, half regular (well more like 3/4 honors, 1/4 regular)so I've had to get creative in what I'm doing. We also just instituted math common core, so not only is math different for me because of honors, but it's also tricky to try and find ways to incorporate the cc math practices. I'm trying though!

Anyway, I hope I still have a few followers out there that can benefit from what I share... and if you are thanks for sticking with me :) Look forward to some ideas and pictures within the next few days! :)

04 September 2012

Quick, It's a SALE!!

Soooooo.... Were you panicked today because you already felt like you needed to plan next week? Yea me too!! So here ya go: 20% EVERYTHING in my Teacher's Notebook Store! Clicky on the picture!!

After yesterday's post with this:

I had quite a few people ask about them, or if I'd make them one! I posted them on my Teacher's Notebook Store. I just posted a few of them for now. If it really is an interest I'll think of making more!! Check out my store if you're interested or send me an e-mail Miss.Teach2009 at GMail :)

Here are a few other things I thought might interest some of you:

{class behavior bingo} 

 {all about me poetry, as on the wall for curriculum night, then i turned it into a book}
{obviously this is my page - the cover has been on my to-do list for a week, oops!}

{my page! woohoo!} 

 {2 of the kiddos pages... look at my adorable little heart faced kiddos!? tee hee}

{random i know, but i actually like this part of my board}
{i ran out of contact paper, so i improvised and flip flopped the background}

that's all <3 goodnight. 

03 September 2012

Gettin' A Little Crafty & Erin Condren FINALLY!!

So, over than being completely overwhelmed since basically August 1st... I have gotten a little crafty since school started. Although I probably could have been a little craftier but I've been wearing out my cowboy boots like it's my job. Anyone in the south looking for a roomie? Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Chris Cagle, Craig Morgan, Josh Turner, Joe Nichols, Thompson Square have all seen my cowboy boots lately. Oh, don't worry Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan have seen them twice ;) Justin Moore will see them this upcoming weekend as well!! So needless to say country music has distracted me a bit, as has college football which started this weekend. Go Gators!! Anyway onto the craftiness...

Quite a few people asked me about the magnets seen here:

To be honest, I'm not sure how ya'll even noticed those little glittery guys. So I needed another set, and I knew my teammate was eyeing them up, so I decided to make another set. I have to say in advance, I forgot to take after pictures, so this will be an updated post tomorrow after I take pictures at school :)

Here's my wonderful (winky, awful face) tutorial :)

 {1: gather supplies}

{mod podge} 

{glass marbles w/flat bottom} 

{some kind of glitter}

{2: spread out supplies, grab marble with flat side up}

{3: spread a THIN (thick takes forever to dry) layer of glue on flat bottom}
note: i have tried brushes of all kinds, my finger worked best, it's messy, but that's okay!!

{4: lay out to dry on scrap paper}

{lay out as many as you want of one color on a piece of paper}

{5: once finished with one set, get glitter ready}

{6: apply glitter generously, remember you can save excess glitter}

{7: repeat steps 2-6 over for each color you want to do}
{8: let them dry overnight}

 {9: you shouldn't see any white glue left when you turn them over}

{10: either use a glue gun, or these fab-o glue dots!}

{11: and these wonderful magnets... the thin ones don't work well}

{12: place the glue dot carefully on the glitter, then stick and press the magnet on that}

{13: write the numbers on! woot!}
*if they fall, the magnet may fall off, just reapply another glue dot!*

Onto other crafty things... I gained 2 new teammates this year which is fabulous!! I am loving both of them! Plus I love my other teammate who I plan and do all of my projects with. I decided to make them something to start their year off :) 
 {outside of their box - minus this one's name}

 {inside of one of the boxes - all items we all need!}

{all 3 of the boxes in different colors}

Sometimes we all have kiddos that need charts, papers, or things and I needed somewhere to keep that stuff. He loves basketball so I thought this would be a bit of encouragement, and a little less girly than the zebra one I was storing the stuff on.

 {front and back of the basketball clipboard - i love those textured sports ball papers!!}

I kept on fighting the whole "Where Are We" chart so students could put a magnet or whatever for where they are. I've never really needed it, because I've only really had kiddos that go to the bathroom, occasionally another teacher, or occasionally the nurse. Well I have quite a few kiddos that leave and go to numerous other places on different days all throughout the day. I can barely keep track of things. So I broke down and made my own version of "Where Are We" It hangs right on the window near the door so as they leave they remember. Once I made myself one, my teammate wanted one as well, so here they are:

 {obviously mine is the black one, I only wish bathroom wasn't so long, but I guess I can't be too picky!!}
{this is also why I made yet another set of the magnets above}

That's all of my craftiness... then came along Erin Condren. FINALLY!! OMG!! In case you can't tell, I was excited (still am). I checked my phone every 2 minutes to see if my order had shipped. The day I knew it came, I'm surprised I didn't get a speeding ticket. I got home so fast! I wanted to rip it open, I even started to, but then I thought I should share my joy with you. So here it goes:

 Now here she is tonight:
And yes, it would have been well worth the speeding ticket had I have gotten one on the way home. I'm so in love with it. She goes everywhere with me, back and fourth, between home and school. It has the gradebook part, the calendar part, the weekly lesson plan pages, and.... drumroll please... STICKERS with all of the important things (like drill, iep meeting, staff meeting, etc.).

If you don't have one, I highly recommend it. It's SO WORTH it!! I promise. I kept putting it off because I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend all that money on one, when school gives up both planners and gradebooks (I should mention they are the most boring planners/gradebooks known to man though). I actually wish I wouldn't have put it off all summer, because then I would have had it before school started. She had a sale in August where you got free pens and stuff so that finally made me do it!! (And I should note, in no way did I get this as a giveaway or did she ask me to post this or anything, I just needed to brag about it! LOL! I also thought someone may have been hesitant like me, and needed a real opinion!!)

If you want to check it out, here's where you can find it on her page:

That's the stuff I have now, but there are about 5 million other things I want to share with you. A few new things I've been making and implementing in my classroom. I promise I'll get on that this week. I also noticed I have over 1500 visitors on both here and facebook, so I'm in the process of coming up with a giveaway! If I can get over this cold I'll do it ASAP :) I hope ya'll had a great weekend!! Football starts Wednesday, if that doesn't get you excited I don't know what will!! :)